And so it was on Boxing Day, deep inside the coconut groves of Caymanas Estate; the soil of the Blu Sky1’s Appleton Utopia experience was unearthing. For as many who are still preparing their new year’s resolutions there are twice as much hanging their pastel sequins in peace, knowing they’ve secured memories of fantastic food, beautiful people and premium liquor (thanks to Utopia). For Jamaica’s Bourgeois Bohemians (Bobos), Utopia 2015 was less than perfect. For me it was an Isle  festival of life, the perfect platform for DIY good times!

Arriving little after 1am the only queues I found myself in was for the macarena and Indian food, WORTH IT! Call me lucky, easy to impress or simply unbothered, but from cognac glasses to champagne flutes of Moet and Chandon - I was an utter pleased puss. After boxing the day at Strawberry Hill under the hands of ‘Simone the masseuse’ to stomping the night  under coconut trees, my Christmas weekend was complete. Special thanks to my Belles Kaci, Paul, Kellon and Jahbari for squadgoaling it with me all night. Stay tuned for the grams and tings and I’ll see you at Utopia 2016!