It's 30 minutes til checkout, the bags are packed, travel outfit on and the 4 day staycation is over. Spanish Court the luxe business traveler hotel played the perfect host to our wild wild first week of 2016.  Sam and Jahbari are my out of towner friends without whom Kingston staycations will never be the same. Packed with mostly big city business travelers here on official duties its hard to go by unnoticed. Us walking in with garment bags, shopping totes and duffles with sunnies on our head tops while checking in on snapchat… doesnt help either. Nonetheless checking in is always a breeze as by now we’re basically regulars.

It takes us 30 minutes tops to turn the perfectly arranged red accented suite into our walk in closet for 3, what can I say we pack heavy. On the agenda we have NYE hopping, the Sunrise Breakfast Party and Shaggy & Friends benefit concert. The skinny on SC is simply this; if you plan on visiting Kingston or if you're like me who lives here but needs a good place to crash; Spanish Court is a no brainer. It's nothing uber special ennuh but its no Knutsford Court... thank god. (that's a whole other post).