The Holidays screams party fanfare, glitzy fashion and the making of everlasting memories. With Christmas out of the way the celebrating is hardly over; Boxing day happenings are in full swing! With several bits and pieces of pastel scattered around my apartment Utopia has crept onto my calendar as a must-attend event. Leading leg first with my pal Rashade St Patrick and the Kingston Bele Collective I’m pumped to delve into the coconut grove waist first. If you’re lucky you may still be able to grab tickets from CHocolate Dreams in Loshusan/Devon House or Pita Grill (Opened today!).

With A-list under my belt (which by the way knocked me right in the funny bone) and Sunrise breakfast party coming up - UTOPIA comes in at the absolute perfect time. So, with all things considered no excuses, no bars held, no long talking… see you at the new and exclusive Caymanas Estate for Utopia Coconut Grove!