Jamaica was pleased with having the radiant Sharlene Radlein succeed Jamaica’s sweetheart Kaci Fennell as Miss Universe Jamaica 2015. With a heartfelt story of how she bounced back beautifully from a terrible and scaring accident, Sharlene cemented herself as a pretty decent ‘goody’ in the hearts and minds of us all. I for one forgot about her and moved on with my life for months after the coronation... until now. But let’s be honest, so was it for Yendi and Kaci too - nobody really cares what they do in Jamaica after the win. What matters is now; the big stage, when they’re up against dozens of Queens just like them from all over the world.

Radlein is currently in las Vegas Nevada where she will be competing for the opportunity to be crowned Miss Universe 2015. The show goes down on December 20th just in case you were wondering. Less than a year ago we watched as Paulina Vega was crowned  Miss Universe 2014 and the World fell to the feet of 4th runner-up Kaci Fennell. But as the World will have it we really only want the winner so Paulina went on to have a great reign looking stunning as ever. Kaci didn’t do so shabby either - going on to be named the face of both Ting and Ocean Spray as well as making several trips overseas for appearances in London, Canada, New York and Guatemala

But to the meat of the matter - so many questions lingers on our minds as we await another duel of hot curls and lipstains. The World of pageantry will come to a screeching halt to see who will become the next Miss Universe on December 20th. But I want to know, what do we really think Sharlene Radlein’s chances are? Will or can she ‘out-perform’ Kaci Fennell and place higher than 4th runner up? Will she place top 10 at all? Will she win?

Make your voice be heard by answering the poll below and dropping me a line in the comment section if you feel like it.

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