My family does not celebrate Christmas nor do they celebrate thanksgiving but being the person I am you know I just go ahead and celebrate on my own. Thanksgiving is such a great sample of what is to come every food season… I mean Christmas season. This year thanksgiving finds me in a full fledged relationship with Indian food so take a wild guess what I’m having in a few. This year I’m really thankful for the place I’m in the people who are here with me so without further ado here are 7 things I’m most thankful for this thanksgiving. Let me know in the comments below what you're thankful for.


ADELE: For releasing a bomb ass new album to remind me that I actually do still have emotions because I was getting a little worried. My favorite tracks outside of ‘Hello’ in case you were wondering are ‘Remedy’, ‘Water under the bridge’, ‘River Lea’ and ‘Sweetest devotion’. That chorus for sweetest devotion makes me want to run aimlessly into the arms of bae with no security or promise of a good forever but go anyway. But if we’re being very honest, my absolute favorite is the ‘beaty’ chant like track with very very meaningful lyrics; ‘Water under the bridge’. This track puts in words the feeling contrived from the best push and pull relationships.  



FRIENDS: For the people who actually manage to put up with my crazy dreamer brain, my delusional skits and my unending bitchiness - you guys are the real MVPS. Jahbs, Yems and The Dervster you guys are single handedly the people who most understands me and I’m forever thankful that you all exist.


BUFFETS: Because they understand me, like when I’m at home eating I never have just one plate. Why do restaurants think when we go to restaurants we want just one plate? Thanks Pasta night at Barbican beach, Sunday brunch at Pegasus. and every all inclusive hotels!  


NEGRIL: Because I can be a degenerate and nobody will ever judge me ever, especially if I talk in my British accent. Thanks for having beautiful beaches beautiful people and cheap food… oh and strip clubs! Hedonism, I see you!


INDIAN FOOD: This, my newest obsession is always always on my mind. I’ve had Indian food every week for the past month and let me tell you, I don’t think I can ever get tired of Saffron’s butter chicken with basmati rice and garlic and or cheese naan. Say what!? Actually, since I mention it that’s my Thanksgiving din din this year! *proceeds to dab butter chicken sauce all over my naan*.


SOCA MUSIC: Because this waist is a waste if this waist isn't whining! One of my newer obsessions, soca music has fast become the vessel that transports me to my happy place. Thanks for giving me such a strong and authentic sense of belonging. I feel most alive, caribbean and sexy when likkle soca is in the mix.



YOU GUYS: Because while you annoy me in the comments sometimes when you forget that my comment section is not your personal blog I still love unnuh. If y'all weren't reading my blog I wouldn’t want to blog. Thanks for not just being trolls but real people who comment, like and share my shit even when I spell words incorrectly or use bad grammar.