The Internet, the Creative Industry and the World’s undying obsession with being popular and forever in vogue - these things consistently feed into one big pile of what’s hot, what’s not and what’s “Sooo dope!”. Bumping into the talented and endlessly inspiring Savanna Baker and Gemma Shane (of Pum Pum socks) twice, and transporting myself to a Spicey World and all the needle eye pussy to behold - I think I’m just gonna call it; PUM PUM is the new black.

DISCLAIMER: If you are an uptight social challenger or an anti-feminism feminist (feminists with convoluted views of what feminism is) then you will more than likely find this post offensive. Please know I don’t mean any harm but most of all I don’t care. Now loosen up (no pun intended) and carry on reading, enjoy!

EXHIBIT A:  Pum Pum Socks

Gemma Shane was a freelance assistant at Vogue, Savanna Baker is an English Creative/Stylist - together they are #PumPumGirls. Pum Pum socks is a sock range featuring signature trim and is perfect for upping the ante on any outfit or sending an already amped up get-up over the edge. Daughter of Geejams Jon Baker Savanna is basically dancepunk royalty with kitch to fit.. Pum Pum socks for me is a depthless exploration inside just how cool Jamaicanness can be and I’m obsessed. They may resemble your likkle girl church socks, but for jm$4,500 you can get on your @BadgalRiri shit with your very own pum pum socks. SHOP HERE. Word is that the girls will be debuting a men’s range soon… link me for my shipping deets Gemma and Sav! I wonder if they’ll call it Teely Socks or Cocks? boi idk idk.


So here we are yesterday inside one of my favorite spots in kingston (KERRY manwomanhome) watching for the first time the music video for Hot up by Razor B. Now before you read any further, click play on the video below and watch for minute for reference.


In dancehall culture it’s customary that a hit dancehall song is also an actual dance, and hot up is no different. Pat you pum pum… hot up! Essentially ‘Hot up” is the new “pat yuh pussy and call your man name” tune/dance and everyone seems to love it.  The kitchy and kilter video features female dancers doing what may be described as sporadic dance moves anchored by the patting of their pum pum. I’ll probably never admit this ever again or anywhere else but mi kinda like it. HOT UP!

EXHIBIT C: Needle Eye

Grace hamilton/Spice - the original Jezebel (Watch Jim Screechy & Romping Shop) “found it” with her latest hit single ‘Needle Eye”. The vagina gets most yap when it’s either about the mistruths/truths about childbirth and your vag or the virginal tightness of pum pums most exclusive. “di needle eye pum pum di needle eye pum pum!” is how Spice rings in her new track with a distinct old-school dancehall vocal flare which is reason one for why I personally am obsessed. Throughout The track she makes reference of her needle eye and it’s take-your-man-ability - a very common accolade for any hot girl/goody/goodas.


So whether you’re wearing it on your feet, patting in the dancehall or declaring its super powers the PUM PUM is quite literally a goldmine being sat upon. With new collections, new tunes and new dances expected to be released inspired by the Jamaican vag -remember I said it here first- it’s all about the pum pum aka the new black. Let me know in the comments below what you think about all this VAG!