When I spend time away from home I prefer to make it an experience. It doesn’t always have to be super luxe, super expensive and super exclusive. Geejam is great but sometimes Long Bay is better. As we approach the Global winter season and most of us go off on christmas holiday the travel bug will set in. The thing i love most about living on an island is that you don’t have to go too far or spend too much to live it up. So come with me off the beaten path and inside the 4 best kept secret vacation spots.

Irie Holiday - Long Bay Port Antonio

I only found out about Irie Holiday Villas a week ago from my new fron Jess. Her Beachfront villas are as it suggests, right on Long Bay beach. For between us$60-$90 per room  you can spend a night or more in one of her cozy retreat 3 bedroom villas. My suggestion is round up 5 of your closest pals and make the two hour drive down to Long Bay from Kingston, pack light and pack wine. Light up a bonfire on the beach and kick back some beer with your pals.

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Serendipity Holistic Resort and Spa

How much do you fancy cabin life? Well at Serendipity you have much to choose from us$125 to us$569. Each cabin is 20% shabby and %80 chic and I love it. I haven't stayed here yet so my recommendation is up in the air but I ‘ve heard all good things. As soon as I find time to pop up the hill and kotch a sleep I’ll write about it again, but for no I’ll dream on through their beautiful images. What’s so exciting about Serendipity is that you can not only overnight but you can also dine at the restaurant or relax at their spa. This is a secret we should keep, shhh don’t tell too many people.

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Mandela African Great Hut

Ever wondered what it would feel like to sleep in a real African hut? Well, I have and seeing as I cant afford the trip to SA anytime soon St Elizabeth will have to do. Not that you’re settling for any less of a great experience staying at Mandela African Great Hut in tresur beach. Much like the unspoilt lands of Treasure Beach this hut throws you right out into nature with the necessary amenities for a decent living. Talk about a true off the beaten path experience! For us$85 per night I’ll see you in spring Treasure Beach!

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Stayed at a great place off the beaten path lately? Have any questions about vacationing in Jamaica or anything in general? Shoot me an email at or message me below and let’s chat!

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