“All my friends are wasted, and I hate this club, man I drink too much. Another Friday night I wasted, my eyes are black and red, I'm crawling back to you babe”... If ever there is a perfect  theme  of my twenties this chorus would be it.  London-based production duo Snakehips have enlisted Chance the Rapper and Tinashe on a new single called "All My Friends". (No, it's not an LCD Soundsystem cover.) That's the attached single art; you can listen to it above.

The track for me is like the ending of the 90’s which to me are the better bit when R&B was old and new enough for me. The balance between Tinashe’s sad girl group sound and Chance’s nonchalant rap vocals  throws me into a nostalgic trance I don’t want out of.

Just this past weekend I mentally decided that this December will be my best yet! If you know me well you’d know my favorite time of year is between December 1st and January ⅞. I’m a Capricorn, can you tell? But it’s not been just about my birthday, I also just really really love Christmas time. Now that I’m older and wiser and have a few more dollars to spare, the holidays signifies the time and ripe opportunity to enjoy my friends who are family. This song, All my friends is the perfect theme song to the Christmas 2015 memories I anticipate creating. I can’t seem to get the catchy and extremely relate-able chorus out of my head. I hope you guys all like it as much as I do, let me know in the comments below!

Tinashe will also pose for the November issue of Playboy so that should be interesting.