Finally here we are at the most anticipated fashion showcase in Jamaica; The Collection MoDA. Biases aside, I can see why it has been dubbed as the premier Caribbean showcase. Here in its 4th year the team lead by Retail maven Kerry-Ann Clarke pulled together a ‘tight’ list of social elites and designers to make this year’s staging what it is.

Opening  the show was Carlton Jones (with model Melissa tulloch) with his resort wear collection mostly inspired by his travels to the Caribbean. It featured luxurious looking chiffons and jersey fabrics in oranges, purples, pinks and greys. The New York designer introduced an effortless  international “don't care” elegance and a heavy sense of androgyny matched only by Dexter Pottinger in Jamaica. We watched as the collection transported us from beach chic to dinner date realness seamlessly. Watch as CJ cleans his racks at Sunday’s Moda market with these pieces… this is a rack and back ready collection!

Kris Jackson: Sportswear queen is how  kris is remembered by me since my introduction to Kris Jackson designs in 2014. Her collection heavy with black and white solids and prints with the welcomed inserts of blush pinks and subtle gold metallic details was… refreshing. One piece in particular was the most fab spaghetti strapped pant suit in blush (pink), it is simply to die for. If I were you kris I'd copy that piece a million times in colors and prints on end… so original and timeless. Kudos on fabric choices but a little more attention to production and sewing is welcomed but I enjoyed your attempt at the winged fairies and LOVED every ‘blooming’ ting about your floral prints.


Jae jolly: Opening the show was the majestic Kerrie Bayliss receiving rounds of applause in her shining gold realness. As promised the collection and presentation delivered on A-class Jamaica swim success. Janel did it again by creating a signature look in swim that makes women look and move beautifully. Subtle oranges, greens, tans, turquoises, black, white and gold was the color scheme. Accessorized with gold ankle cuffs, plaited ponytails and bare feet… We get it (or at least I do) - Jae jolly swim is in for the win. And about the loosey goosey jumpsuit trend that’s popping up now, janel was not to be left out of the gamble.


Carlton Brown: Two for the money, one for the road? Two by two the CB models emerged in complimenting looks marching to the beat of bitter sweet symphony by the verve. The models? Less than impressive. I'm now finally over menswear designers inserting their customers into runway shows. This is not a your granny’s church charity gala, use professional models please! It was clear that for the pretty penny it costs to participate, Carlton decided to put on a show; dimmed lights, kid rocker and all. I ain't mad at you CB. Very decent collection AND the crowd loved it. Husband of the TCM curator; Paul Burke says he’s coming for “the Carlton Brown pink blazer”...


Come through Korto! Revival music jump starting my feeble fashion heart - from the cheesiness that came before Korto Momolo the Liberian Project Runway star designer did not disappoint. Korto knows how to dress women in things that will make them feel confident, comfortable and chic and this run was no different. “Do you think Korto did too much this year?” someone asked… my response? Yes she did and I loved it!


Soka: With black and white stripes opening the presentation, soka was not your average womenswear meets menswear collection, with jean blues and  signature metal hole details was very memorable. The fabric choices were ridiculously perfect. Strappy perfection and halfway there dominatrix realness was the overall vibe for me. Rock on sista!....



Czar: Illuminate my life! Inspired by the swinging 60’s with Janis Joplin in mind he said. To that I have 3 words… Vision brought home! A little tropical glamour from Czar was a great insert in what by then had become somewhat of a low energy show. The simply and elegantly cut pieces glistened in deep blues, purples, black and moss greens. Jamaican designers, take note.

Cazar sells: There's nothing amazingly innovative about the collection but you can't help but want every piece if not for you then for your gal pal of practically any age. Consider me sold! Jeneque Pinnock; returning moda model maverick, got her wish of not only walking for but closing Cesar's sizzling collection showing. Brava mama, brava!


Laposhe: Quality manufacturing? Check. Design style? Check. I'm extremely proud of laposhe designer Camesha Powell whose long awaited return to the Jamaican runways was highly anticipated and wonderfully received. A much higher quality of design and build was very much appreciated. Commercial perfection many chanted. I can only hope that laposhe will not just have a great showing but also become a major player in the Caribbean swim industry as we here at kb sees LP as a smashing representation of Jamaican greatness in the market. Favorited by author and decorator Cecile Levee Laposhe Swim is hot on the radar.


Franz Christie: Glad to know Franz Christie has at least mastered how to recreate his signature dynasty-esque exaggerated shoulders and high low train details collection after collection. Am I bored by the glitzy blacks and extra creamy reptilian prints? That will be a yes. Franz’s showing reminded me of a bite out of a well made piece of chocolate that you can't and don't want to finish but try to anyway because its good shit. I think Franz is mostly still designing to entertain and not to retail. He remains a brilliant executioner that's great in shows but I'm still waiting to see him shine with a retail ready collection. 


Spokes Apparel: Again with the great looking ‘unprofessional professional models’. I do appreciate the business behind the brand as the collection was a wonderful culmination of holiday relevance and Caribbean vibrancy without going down the tacky well tailored lane of design. The spokes apparel man is all aspirational and I saw at least two not quite model men that I would like to be if only for a day..  Spokes apparel threads included. Thanks.


Soka… AGAIN: Just in case soka wasn't clear that she has chops, she came back to ‘clothes’ like a real boss to shabba ranks by Asap Rocky and  Ferg. This second collection featured really well cut pieces with color, youthfulness and urban edge. Loved everything… AGAIN!


All in all the 2015 staging of the Collection Moda fashion showcase was by far best in show this year. Unkept models and misplaced agendas in seat assignment is still an issue I can’t overlook. The show for me was heavy on bore factor thanks to every other model giving off a sleepy hollow vibe as they inelegantly moped their way down the runway. Nastashia Mitchell however ruled the runway with the perfect balance of strength and elegance. I’d loved to see an army of better prepared models next year who look like they actually want to be there. As far as the seating arrangement goes -  there’s no way to put this delicately - this is a fashion show and not show and tell for the team’s friends and family. Up the ante on your models and focus heavily on the order of importance in seating guests and TCM won’t just be a competitor in the Caribbean fashion showcase circuit but the standard of.

Tai Flora kicked major ass with the decor as per usual. I thoroughly enjoyed the lower runway this year as opposed to last years 5foot monster. The black two lane runway anchored in the middle by lush plants and dripping moss and flora was a delight, bugs included. 

Congratulations are in order to the team and I look forward to a bigger and better year next year!

*Professional Images coming soon. Wanted to get the word out as soon as possible. ;-)