Eager models, budding designers and volunteers filled to brim with excitement and potential. Everyone is excited for Moda, even yo mama! It’s fitting day and amidst all the moda model madness, bare butts and boobs I’m admittedly also brimming with  anticipation. Who will be my designer of the year? Which model will rule the runway? and what will the guest fashion be like?


Camesha Powell designer of La Poshe Swimwear shows for the first time this year on the coveted runway as she was looking for the perfect platform in Jamaica to display her new threads.

Heineken Inspire 2014 winner Kris Jackson will be on the runway this year with her first full collection for CM. Jae Jolly will present for the second time and says her collection this year is a lot more edgy with muted colors and gold and black accents. “I was definitely pleased with the production last year and the feedback was amazing, so that’s why I’m back!” - Janel Jolly.



Kayla is 18 years old and has a passion for fashion photography and  that’s why she volunteered.

Tara is 17 and volunteered because she likes fashion design. “Ayanna Dixon is my inspiration, I love her work and style, it’s classy and chic and I love it” says a bright eyed Tara.

Davia is a bit older than the other volunteers (she’s 23 and is studying civil engineering at university. Her passion for fashion came early on in her life so in between her free time she decided to become a Collection Moda Volunteer.

For many, Collection Moda served as a platform from which they have launched their careers. Jeneque Pinnock is the perfect example. “Moda 2013 was my first ever runway show, I booked a ton of Jobs after that.” ays Jeneque. Having walked 3 of 4 Collection Moda Runways Jeneque is most excited to walk for Project Runway’s Cesear Galindo.


Cesear whose first time it is in Jamaica has shown on two Jamaican Runways so far (he sent his assistant). “I think Kerry is an incredible person and I’ve been friends with Carlton and Korto for a very long time so i trusted them and now I’m here”. The collection he’s showing is inspired by the swinging 60’s with a heavy Janis Joplin vibe. Super excited to see!

I chit chatted with Korto Momolu who’s 5th time it is in sweet Jamdung and is equally excited to show on this her second year at Collection Moda. 5 years ago we met at a Trunkshow at KERRY manwomanhome which she admits were “The good ole days”... days she’ says she would gladly relive. Her collection this year comes with a strong and meaningful inspiration. “The black and white stuff is a reflection of the ongoing race tension in the world right now, the pink stuff is for breast cancer and is a tribute to my affect  family members and everywoman affected. Lastly my yellow stuff is basic Korto and reflects my happy side…” says Momolu.  

Carlton Jones who assisted in Production last returns as a showing Designer. He will be showing his resort wear collection inspired largely by his travels to the Caribbean behind the mantra “Resort is more than a destination, it’s a feeling”.

Well there you have it, that’s about as much access as I can give you guys. I guess you’ll have to wait to see TCM 2015 take flight tomorrow inside the Jamaica Pegasus… will you be there?