Sabritru is a 2 year young company. Its management is innovative and looking for future growth. The megastore sits on over 9000 square feet of retail space accessible by all, including Kingston’s most vibrant. To match the colourful space that Sabritru exists in - their offering is big on fashion and trend driven stock. From downtown couture to uptown luxury looking pieces, the price range on everything in store is very very attractive.

Equally attractive are the Sabritru Dolls. From runway princess Dianne Brown to Denyque and Kaci Fennell, Sabritru is well connected and rightfully so. ‘Everybody is buying into Tru’ says Tiffany (customer). Tiffany lives in Hope Pastures Kingston 6 and works as a PR agent. Shoes are what she says she mostly go for but always end up copping the occasional mini dress.


The 5feet 1 inch tall Director Trusha Beecham is the truth behind Sabritru.  Directing an army of up employees at her downtown location at 32-36 Orange Street, Beecham is a woman with vision. “This is my passion… I want to help to bring back downtown” Says Trusha. A woman atop a growing empire and one of Jamaican Fashion’s saving grace. Having made pulls from the store myself as well as walked the over 15 isles of style, I’m a believer.

Trusha’s latest push takes her into the Universities and homes of every fashion hungry Jamaican. Starting later this month University students with a valid school ID will receive %10 discount off anything they buy in store or online. Yes, they are also launching their ecommerce platform that delivers. Open to COD (Cash on Delivery) options this is Beecham’s next big move.

The recent soft-launch of Kaci Fennell and Denyque as Sabritru ambassadors has the industry buzzing. Copping two of Jamaican pop cultures most adored and talked about females as style agents is something to be envied. The store kicks off a TSO celebration tomorrow at 4pm with discounts up to %50. I’d say then is the best time than ever to check them out.