If you thought your love fest with Lupita Nygong’o has finally ended think again. Nyong’o entertained Vogue’s “75 Questions with” series in promotion of her American Vogue Fall Cover out next week and gave us 75 more reasons to stay in lust.


Be it her fluidity in Sawahli and Spanish, her prowess in classical literature or her bad ass hoola hooping skills, Lupita can’t possibly be any more cultured and likable. Then the series interviewer asked; what’s the song that pumps you up most at the gym? A banal question to which Lupita’s unexpected response was; “So Special by Movado”. There, she did it - once again Lupita managed to one up every other alternative girl-next-door before her, making her simply way cooler than we’ll ever be.

Call me impressionable or put it less delicately and call me follow fashion, but I decided to see what about Movado’s 2008 single “So special”, well, so darn special. My findings? I think homegirl is right, the lyric “I’m on the go, I’m on the go, but badmind a try fi stop mi flow…” definitely puts you in the frame of mind to double up on your squats in pursuit of a lovely rump like Nyogng’o’s. I mean have you seen it? Junk in her trunk does not begin to describe the 12 years a slave actresses lovely curves. But nonetheless I digress. Join me in rewatching the full episode of Vogue’s 75 Questions with Lupita Nyong’o below. Hear her Movado reference at 1:46.