For busy folks like myself, breakfast is a luxury - so are free Sundays in this town for the ambitious lot. For me I’ll even settle for a Sunday morning, I miss those. My Saturday nights usually take them away from me, and if I dare try to reclaim it I’ll have to do so hangover in toe. Living like this reshapes your tolerance for certain things. Today is one of those days when I feel quite fortunate to wake before 11am with an actual appetite. To be specific I rose with the taste for something sweet, something fried and something salty. With that in mind I opted for a hodge podge of different Jamaican dishes from Sonia’s Homestyle on Central Avenue that suited my fancy just fine. I got it to go in delighted glee in a Styrofoam box and all. Based on my experiences here are my other favourite places to chow down on some good Sunday morning breakfast calories. Enjoy and share how it goes when you visit, if you want.