Before you ring up your weekend pals and schedule the car service you may want to continue reading.

The regency Bar inside the Terra Nova Hotel and my personal favourite spot for ‘wine and chill’ has changed their Friday night policy. This past summer we played witness to the overwhelming crowds at the Regency on Friday nights. The doors would open, the gangs would roll in and a few bottles in and the big bad sign would come out; FULL TO CAPACITY. However pedantic I sound, it would fill me with anxiety that should I need to leak the residual wine from my system I’d face troubles reacquiring admittance. But I must say the Doormen at the Regency has always been masculine in the annoying way but nonetheless pros with good memory, such treasures.

From 9:00 PM until closing on every Friday night, access to the Regency Bar & Lounge will be limited to those addressed in this notification and their friends.” The advisory email from Regency Bar said. Addressed as mentioned to loyalty card holders, regular guests and their business partners. Make it clear will you – let’s not call this a sieving tactic against the undesirables. Anywho, it is as they say about providing quality service and looking out for the select few who makes Regency a roaring success and the Hussies richer richer people. Access to the Lounge will be controlled by the resident door staff who if you’re a regular you are more than likely familiar with.

 So, see you guys later? Around 10-ish? Great, first round is on me.