A stage dramatically set for the premier of the Marc Jacobs SS”16 collection, produced pieces best in show. Bringing a close to a fabulous fashion week in New York Marc Jacobs’ creatively produced fashion show inside the Ziegfeld Theatre was big on experience and regalia.

There was a red carpet outside, complete with crowds, and once inside there was popcorn to nibble on (handed out by bellboys) and plush seats to sit in beneath shimmering chandeliers – it was old-school cinema at its best. And so, right on cue, the lights went down and the show (by which I mean catwalk variety) began, the models taking to their own red carpet with an orchestra to accompany them as they went. The tune of choice was Sabotage by Rage Against The Machine.

The real movie began, however, with the clothes – Americana prints, flags and Vegas crystals all came together for a storyline that plundered siren-esque silhouettes from the Forties via sweeping gowns and feather or fuzzy stoles and accentuated screen-ready make-up. There was plenty to fall for – not least the cowboy boots. It was all very dolly bird, a bit circus and among the line-up of colourful characters was Beth Ditto – taking her own turn in a thigh-slit gown.

It was a fairly distinct about-turn from last season’s offering – this one lightened-up and showing off the more fun side of Jacobs that we’re usually so akin to seeing with the now defunct Marc by Marc line.