When most elite Jamaicans are now back home and back to reality @TNevadaPowe on instagram is just getting started. Jamaican Globetrotter Tyrone Nevada Powe - the very fabulous and very wealthy Harvard Biz School graduate and Jamaican proper man takes of through Europe

A rather unassuming Powe boasts an amazing repertoire in investment in tech start-ups and fancy pantsy work. He’s held positions as partner and other at big deal organizations like Mavian Labs and Goldman and Sachs, nice clean important tings.

 It is said that Nevada is now comfortably living on his green paper mountain of success, giving some away through Jamaican angel investor group; First Angels Jamaica. But on a serious and less cynical note Mr Powe really is a true inspiration to me.

From throwing back his meal of the year in Scotland, warming up in Barcelona, getting wet for Stockholm and taking Michelin type communion in the Netherlands - Powe’s instagram is the most precious hidden gem for travelcurios grammers and me.

Why I find Nevada Powe interesting enough to write about as a featured people is not that he’s Jamaican, rich and fabulous. It’s how he brings it across; raw, witty, authentic and unapologetic. Hashtags like “cuh me from havendale” that has me pursing my lips and nodding in approval followed by the staple “yeh goody” is evidence of my resonation with Nevs. I can call him Nevs right? I am afterall currently jetssetting with him virtually. Basically travel buddies. I say its people like Mr Nevada Powe, Colin Hilton, Novia Mcdonald Whyte and the likes that have really gotten the art of instagramming (read – showing off) down to a science.

So as I continue to escape my very hot, very banal Jamaican yardy reality through @TNevadaPowe take a peek at the pics below.

So, good travels Mr Powe…

You know wah, scratch that.