I slept in hotel beds, woke up in those of strangers and went home in Friday’s clothes on one too many Sunday mornings. Soca Season was lit and I have a twelve thousand dollar outfit covered in paint to prove it. I found my life’s rhythm - the things I most like and hate, the places I feel most at home and the people I’m surprisingly able to tolerate pass 48 hours. I earned more money than I’ve ever earned in any year of my life within 3 months and spent it all and made it back, yay for unorthodox investments. This summer I cried more meaningfully, laughed more joyously and had enough sex to take me through the winter hibernation period (I may or may not be exaggerating)! I expanded my business, hosted successful events and made so many of my entrepreneurial dreams come true. But of all the things I did this summer nothing tops falling in love with myself again. I can now look myself in the mirror and be glad to be me, be glad to be potential filled and glad to have another 3 very hot months under my belt. 

Last lick summer, suck on that and see ya next year!