The secret is out. Seven days before she ends her illustrious reign as Miss Universe Jamaica, Pepsi-Cola Jamaica announces Kaci Fennell as the newest Ting Brand Ambassador.

A diaspora launch set inside the culturally relevant Miss Lilly’s in New York City, Fennell and a slew of brand Jamaica supporters delved into sweet back-a-yard vibes and TING . A few selfies and photo-ops out the way Fennell took to instagram announcing her purpose for this impromptu NYC trip. An announcement that was well received as her fans gushed on how proud and happy they are for her, with the occasional exotics asking “Where can I get this… TING?” How cute. 

“Ting is almost 40 years old, it’s quintessentially Jamaican and definitely a brand I’m very happy to be a part of promoting.”                  - Kaci Fennell.

Ting is currently distributed throughout the Caribbean, the United States, and Canada. One can hope or assume that they are about to extend that reach but even without doing so, Kaci’s involvement means big business!

Congratulations Kaci, we’re calling it; you’ll be our best and most influential Queen yet!