Rising from the benches with a stellar performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games, Warren Weir the 200m bronze medalist is a solid Jamaican sprinter. Like Usain Bolt, Warren too enjoys life off the track. His drone accessory has fruited some really cool video content shot around Jamaica including one featuring Bolt himself. “Embracing the Journey, overcoming the challenges” was the title that accompanied the well-produced short video posted to instagram three weeks ago. Usain credits Weir in his caption then proposes that they start a video editing company together, see clip below.




But Warren was not apparently finished yet. 9 hours ago he posted the video below to his Facebook fan page that is almost 200ks people large. The video entitled “When your white taxi driver is half Jamaican” features @wyardie The White Yardie ( UK/Jamaican comedian) and Weir in a car scene that’s humorous, culturally relevant and apparently filled with x-factor. The 15 second insta-clip received over 900ks views and 23ks likes in under 8 hours.  Yes, you read correctly, see here for yourself.

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So, can Warren Weir without a wig top the numbers of staple social-comedians Perry and Berry? Is he social media’s newest funny guy?