Pearly Beach West – the expansive, blue watered and orange sanded beach was the paradisiacal location for the final fete for the Emancipation party weekend. Following the decent start to the events that was SPF Forever Beach and the regret behind attending A-List WET over Utopia, Soiree by M7 Events did not disappoint.


A food station 20+ tables large surrounding a decadent Patron café proved to be the heart of the event outside of the seaside bar with open-to-everyone cabanas and beach tents. Bye bye ‘bougie’ catering and hello delicious food and non-existent cues for it, yay. From freshly seared salmon, curried goat with rice and peas to my favourite; the jerk chicken pasta in coconut cream sauce – the selection was a true epicurean delight and well worth the price tag. The Spirit selection was –as expected- decent, however the ignorance of the bartenders proved that quality over quantity is still the preferred choice. One does get weary from having to highlight to every other bartender that the Mondavi bottle with the clear liquid is in fact moscato, despite it –the word “Moscato”- actually being written on said bottle. A quick switch to straight white rum quelled that hassle efficiently and in extension heightened my party experience, inhibitions now thrown to sea.

Much like with Marbana over the Easter weekend, Soiree is all that’s left on my mind after a series of ‘ok’ parties. Until Heroes weekend, this is MRKB hanging up my espadrilles and regaining my regular position back in Kingston town.