After a fashionable 1am arrival, the KB squad strutted in fresh in every brand from Zara to Fred Sperry onto sand and sea. KLE Group; known for exclusive parties with great music, food and a predominantly 'UPT' crowd delivered again on the ultimate contemporary party series opener. 

Over in Montego Bay BNM's "Eye Candy" had been pumping from at least 9pm, serving as the only other noteworthy event on the coast to attend. Forever Beach holding its own saw lines of patrons and cars alike itching to get onto the wet sandy plane of Pearly Beach Ocho Rios. A series of old hits and really great pork and fried tings from Loraine Fung kicked off the midnight settings right. Soca, dancehall... The best from the 90's; the stage was set and we were all going 'ham' on the all inclusive shore side rave that is SPF #Foreverbeach. 

Here are some higlights of the best moments...