It’s Saturday April 4th in beautiful Ocho Rios Jamaica and we’re hitting the road. Fresh air, sunshine and half of Kingston’s most energetic are in town. A twenty minute drive outside of Ocho Rios into Oracabessa (St Mary) to The James Bond Beach and voila; Smirnoff Bacchanal beach J’ouvert is well underway. Parked, banded, branded (Digicel) and thrusted into the centre of it all, my boys and I were ready to whine and behave rude. Donning our old favourites on their way to 'clothes heaven', phones in waterproof cases and sunglasses on deck we’re ready for J’ouvert 2015! It’s my first time here and my first time doing anything this juvenile and messy, but I’s ready. A few cups of Smirnoff and appeleton mixes thrown back and before you know it, out comes the paint. Orange then yellow then blue! Oops don’t panic but paint is in my ears and on my Tommy Hilfiger trainers and Vulgar t-shirt. My shorts  were from Ammars Kingston, I think I got them for jmd$3,500 - may my #OOTD #RIP.

The Sun sets, the water comes out, the paint dries and it’s all about the music again. A few casual dallies through the crowd, hugging the familiars and whining on throwback bredrins and tings, this is J’ouvert! Kes was the headlining act of the night/day but to be honest it never mattered much, we were all each our entertainment.10pm and Party done! Newspaper up the rental and head back to the hotel, party #2 is handled, it’s ime to rest up as we’re about to leave the town of eight rivers for sweet unspoiled Portland, Jamaica!