Celebrating the manifestation of my love for waves, sun and sand I found myself back at ‘Desert Beach, St. Catherine” with my best mates on yet another Sunday evening. It’s only my second  time at this sweet little hideawaybut my love for it is as deep as that I have for chicken pesto pasta.

“Desert Beach” is a name coined by myself so please don’t quote me. The beach is a part of vacant land right of the Boardwalk beach and has no actual land marking or anything to suggest it is a beach open to the public. Maybe that’s a huge part of the allure for me. My very own deserted beach land with waves, sandy hills, a cliff and coral rocks.

Like Waves, Boardwalk and Hellshire, here too is quite windy/wavy with occasional moments of stillness. Right of the ‘swim bay’ are rocky micro islands out in the water surrounded by hard corals and well, more rock. This piece of paradise is so diverse and beautiful. Just about 40 minutes outside of capital city I think every Kingstonian should venture out and experience it for themselves

Journey with me back forth between St. Catherine and my concrete jungle as I continue to explore 'Desert Beach', its land, history and ASKING PRICE. lol.

Until another Sunday,