THE BRAND is a culture and society website based in the West Indies. It was founded by Rashade St Patrick. Kingston Belle is the premier publishing arm of the Kingston Belle Collective Creative Agency that fosters Jamaica’s foremost digital contemporary talent and ideas. KB showcases the West Indies best with a distinct POV likened by the world’s most sophisticated adventurers. With influences stretching from all parts of the World, Kingston Belle has managed to assemble a solid collection of stories with a great birdseyeview of West Indian life over the past 7 years. Among other accolades Kingston Belle has been featured on and has remained the longest consistent digital publishing brand in Jamaica, attracting over three thousand views everyday.


Rashade St Patrick is a 25 year old writer, conceptualiser and digital don boasting 7 solid years in fashion, technology and Public Relations. With a strong literary background and experience in fashion, music and art, St Patrick’s curation of makes it the Caribbean’s foremost specialty website and digital destination for literature, art and commerce.


In 2014 St Patrick steered the digital brand offline with specialty event; Kingston Belle Boozy Brunch. Heralded for its swanky downtown location and international vibe, the Kingston Belle Boozy Brunch was formerly held every last Sunday of each month and hosted Jamaica’s elite social influencers and artists. In its short existence Kingston Belle Boozy Brunch has partnered with the likes of KERRY manwomanhome, Swiss Stores and Toyota. The event now remains as highly anticipated as ever as it moves inside the historic Devon House home to the World's 3rd best ice-cream.