Jamaica is in the middle of experiencing a real resurgence of the entrepreneurial spirit, and more startup activity than ever before. It’s believed that the days of the “job work” mentality are (thankfully) waning, with more people looking to get satisfaction by making the world a more pleasant place, rather than just tolerating brain-numbing work to fund enjoyment elsewhere. That spiraling concept lead me into the circle of the hidden creatives behind a few of the market’s newest social campaigns that are helping regular folk buy better.

The extended Mystique Team of Creatives

What do you get when you put a group of friends with great style, ideas and skill in an ensemble to work? What you get is one of Jamaica's foremost creative agencies. They call themselves Mystique Integrated, and this weekend we’re clicking with two of their brightest stars; Mellissa Tulloch and Matthew Mitchell. These are not your typical stiff and stuffy interview questions about life ambitions, regrets and world peace. I’m drilling them on the important things in life like free travel and Jamaican eats. Get in on the action with my mystique ‘clique’ on apocalypse, vogue calls and brain books (lol).

Meet Mellissa Tulloch; model and proclaimed “Mystique Mom’. officially Mel serves as project manager of the group keep the well oiled mystique machine moving from the inside. With a natural open personality it’s easy to see why her and why now.

Then there’s Matthew Mitchell, or Machu Ezra (for you on the pulse readers). Made popular through his infectious bluesy music, Matthew is a new addition to the Mystique Social Media management team where he’s applying his artistic creativity in managing the accounts of Candy Craze and Appleton Rum. Matthew just turned 26 and is settling in nicely in what he says must be the best kind of ‘work work’ outside of his music. But less chatting and more clicking below...

Kingston Belle: What 5 people would you choose to be a part of your post apocalyptic gang?

Melissa Tulloch: My parents, my brother, my best friend and my boyfriend. These are all the people in my life who make me feel safe. I'd go to war and start anew with them any day.

Matthew Mitchell: The Joker, Harry Potter, Spider Man, Obama, Miley Cyrus


KB: Longboarder or Europe in the summer (eits)?

MT: Euro trip in the summer definitely. I always dream of being able to just step outside at whatever time and walk to a cafe, read a book and people watch. Europe has always been the perfect backdrop for that in my mind.

MM: Both.


KB: Your cell rings and Vogue's on the phone what would they most likely be calling about?

MT: A model's dream - Cover Issue? On my way, Anna.

MM: Putting me on the cover as the face of the Caribbean


KB:. You have 1 week of free travel and accommodation for yourself +1. take me through your first 3 days and who would you take and why?

MT: I'd probably end up somewhere in Europe. First stop would be food, some sightseeing and then something adventurous. I'd take my boyfriend or my brother. Either would be the perfect travel buddy. As cliche as it sounds, they're my best friends. We want to go to the same places and have more or less the same taste for adventure, sites we want to see, food we want to try and things we want to do.

MM: Africa- Egypt to Namibia. Rihanna, she's rich.


KB: Your brain got turned into a book, would it be fiction or nonfiction? What would your (brain) book be called? And what is it about?

MT: Probably a fiction. About a girl's travel experiences in Europe as she journeys towards self discovery and true love. Her name is Louden. She's very sarcastic, rebellious, thirsty for knowledge, tough but soft to those who can get close enough. I'd probably make the book's title "Louden is________." The reader, after reading the book, can fill in the space with a word/phrase that they think describes the main character or her story. Give the book their own title based on how it affected them or what they took from it.

MM: Fiction.

"My Life as You"   - A boy who can read minds but it slowly drives him insane.