We're so pleased to announce the launch of the Kingston Belle Boozy Brunch in Partnership with the Swiss Stores and F&B Restaurant. Alongside our collective members Kaci Fennell and Melanie Schwapp, our friends and avid supporters we are happy and proud that our dream is now a reality. 

Special thanks to our sponsors J Wray Winning Wines for the expansive bar you guys provided, our guests were definitely n fro a treat that we could not prepare them for. If you missed the opportunity to attend we hope to see you at our Christmas brunch on December 15! Until then, check out the highlights of our launch below. 

(From Left) Melanie Schwapp, EIC of Kingston Belle Rashade St Patrick and Kaci Fennell. 

THe meeting of the Marketers featuring (from Left) Jamie , karim, Rashade and Robyn