I know everyone will come with their own opinions but can I live? These girls send chills down my spine when they "turn on"! From their philanthropic pursuits to their killer editorial and runway appearances these are (to me) Jamaica’s sexiest girls/women/belles.  Let me know in the comments who you think deserves to be added or subtracted from the list. Enjoy and don’t be creepy!


Gabby is a very alluring petite model with ethnic Hollywood beauty unmatched by anyone else on this list. Spreading her love and good looks between Kingston and Miami Davis is a rising star in the match of Jamaican amazonians. 


Chantel is no stranger to or the Jamaican limelight. Davis is a pageant all-star. Challenging herself in the Miami talent pool 'Chan' has been pumping out these sultry shots one after the other and I love it! We're loving the new brave Chantel... looking forward to your sports illustrated debut belle!


Your supergirl is still the super aspirational woman of many men's dreams. With the coming of age came the coming of increased confidence and Dens is standing in her truth... that she's hot AF.  


The petite and very very cute singer Toi had to make the list. I mean, look at her! With her cool and approachable style Toi is the full embodiment of what it means to be sexy! Check her out on YOUTUBE now!

Kerrie Bayliss 

The Unmistakably gorgeous Kerrie Bayliss is Miss Jamaica World 2009, Miss Jamazone Intl 2012 and Miss Jamaica Universe 2013! And get this, she's not just a pretty face, long limbs and great hair she's also a Lawyer! But sadly guys, she's taken so we'll just have to settle with just looking and lusting after BAE-liss.


The most recent rising female star out of Jamaica Kaci Fennell is 'that girl next door'. With a famous love for Audrey Hepburn and everything nice and dandy kaci's sexiness is almost always a sneak attack. How exhilarating!?


Arguably the queen of all queens Yendi is a trained dancer and seasoned model. She knows her angles and her assets and yes mama got hips for days. With one beautiful baby under her belt Yendizzle bounced back quick to round out my #WCW post in fine style.